Monday, July 7, 2014

My personal favourites for all things health, beauty and fitness

To have good skin health is extremely important for total health. Your skin is your body's largest organ, and virtually the only organ that you can watch. This post is to share with you whats works for my skin and what products I cannot live without to keep myself healthy inside and out!

Being a personal trainer I really do not like to wear much make up, but it is always good to have something to freshen up your skin and I discovered this BB Cream from Noire that always gives me a very natural no make up look. What you put on your skin is just as important as what goes into your mouth. I get people asking me daily what I do to stay healthy not only on the inside but on the outside too, so I thought using my blog would be the best channel to communicate all my little tips, trick and secrets!

I use a light tinted moisturiser called Noire BB Cream. 
This little baby is a hydrating tinted moisturiser with skin protection (perfect for those who work outdoors, like myself) and a sheer coverage that also helps prevent premature ageing. I love to look natural and have a 'no make up' look and this is just perfect for that! This is available in 3 shades. Light, Medium, Dark

Noire is my go to place for when I need to get my make up done, the beautiful ladies here do my make up for all my events. You can simply book in to see them in store, or if your overseas they now have an online store, Ive organised discounts for all my followers, all you need to do is put in #NOIREDOM to receive your discount. 
At night, the studio is available for tailored makeup classes for hen’s parties, birthdays or just a group of friends wanting to do something unique and life changing. They can even arrange limousine pickup and return, canapés and champagne! Pretty special!
What I am wearing in this look is listed below, all products from (For discounts use the code #NOIREDOM)
Fur vest
Sin city

Hi def foundation
Dual powder
Sultry blush
Flirt cream hi lites
Sunkissed bronzer

Love lip liner
See thru lipstick

My amazing Salon TWO-SIX-SIX always pamper my hair with the absolute best treatments! I get my hair done with these guys for all my events and some of the modelling shoots I do (photo below, hair done by Shea at Salon two). 
These guys are super stars at creating volume, and their extensions will allow you to have healthy long locks. They are also about to launch their new range of extensions from Russia that are double drawns which I will be getting very soon, so stay tuned on instagram @dominiqueletoullec for my posts on how they are :)
As a model my hair is constantly under the pressure of blow dries, different products and a lot of stress so its just as important to ensure my hair is being taken care of as well. Having salon treatments does absolute wonders for my hair and I highly recommend this for beautiful silky healthy hair. One of my favourite products to use daily is Moroccan Oil. 
Go to the below link for everything my salon offers 

I have been using the skincare range from the ladies at NOIRE all products are all botanical based products, allergy tested, paraben and fragrance free and formulated. Will leave you skin feeling fresh and not stripped!
I use the following:
Wash - chamomile facial wash
Tone - botanical firming toner
Firm - firming face & eye serum
Hydrate- hydrating mango face cream
Exfoliate - mint exfoliating facial polish
Mask- mineral mud mask

You can buy any of these products via this link and you can receive a discount by using the code #NOIREDOM and in store just mention my name for discounts. 

I use my healthy eating plan that I have created for all my ultimate fat loss clients. This keeps me full, with plenty of energy every day! I also train 3-4 times a week combining functional training (strength and cardio). I also ensure I'm drinking 2 litres of water everyday. Having a glass of water just before you eat can also help with portion control as your tummy will feel full already. 
I also love green tea!
Green tea assists in keeping your metabolism working at a healthy rate, provides fiber, and by having lower cholesterol, it increases muscle strength. With green tea assisting in the metabolic rate, you have more energy and hoard less fat which contributes to your overall health and fitness... and it fights aging - who doesn't like that? 
The program I use weekly is my own ultimate fat loss program which is designed at woman and men and helping them achieve fat loss in the most accurate way.
Helping people means the world to me and because I know how to achieve ultimate fat loss better than anything its easy for me to put together programs that I KNOW work because everything is tested on myself ;)
What are in my programs?
6 week training program of strength and cardio exercises
My tips and secrets to get to where you want to be
And my full nutrition pack

- 10 day eating program, comprehensive layout of food to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day (each day is different - loads of options)
After the 10 days, you then repeat from the start and continue for 3 weeks and then you continue onto your continued eating program
- Tips on how to be healthier on a daily basis
- Education on what food are sabotaging your diet and you don't even know
- The best fat burning foods
- Information on natural supplements I use and recommend for the best results 
- Information on my training stack (pre workout, fat burners, proteins, BCAA's, post workout) 
- Shopping tips and lists of what to buy on your weekly shops (lots of options)
- Loads of quick tips that will help you accelerate fat loss
and can be purchased quickly by pay pal or credit card via this link

 I absolutely love helping you all so please keep the emails coming as I will be updating this blog with answers to all your questions on a more regular basis
 I love what I do and love that I can share with you all what I do to stay happy and healthy xxx


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