Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coconut Water

Surely you have heard about the recent coconut water rave. In America coconut water has become one of the top selling drinks with celebrities, athletes and yogis all drinking it.

Recently I was lucky enough to be living in Thailand and I was able to enjoy a fresh coconut on a daily basis. Drinking coconut water is something I have now included into my daily diet, it is a powerhouse of nutrition containing a complex blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, health enhancing growth hormones and other phytonutrients. Amazing right!

Once I got back home to Australia I found it very difficult to buy fresh coconuts from the store and attempt to open them on my own and as a result, most of the water ended up on the floor! I needed to find the best coconut water on the Australian market that I could buy from the store and it would be as close to the real thing.

I did my research and after going onto the website and looking at the reviews on each brand in Australia, I decided to try H2coco as it rated 10/10 the highest out of any product.

This coconut brand has exceeded my expectations and they have an organic range which makes this brand my absolute favorite.

Organic H2coco

This brand is a natural, fat free, low calorie health drink packed with life giving nutrients. It comes in other great tasting flavours as well, have a look below. For more info on them check out

The amazing flavours H2coco comes in

Here is a bit of background info on this amazing product
H2coco Coconut water
Coconut water is a natural drink that comes from young green coconuts that contains no additions, not even a sweetener, and provides five essential electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium and potassium)
Just one bottle of H2coco may help even the most dehydrated enjoy more health and energy.
Because its electrolyte content is similar to human plasma, it has gained international acclaim as one of the only natural sports drink, as such it has proven superior to commercial sports drinks, unlike other beverages, it is completely compatible with the human body.

As a personal trainer I definitely recommend coconut water to my clients instead of other sports drinks that are full of sugar. It’s important to hydrate yourself because after a workout you need carbohydrates to help replenish your depleted glycogen reserves, the fuel your body runs on, and potassium to help balance fluids and ensure rapid recovery.

So next time you want reach for that sports drink or soft drink that is packed with unnatural sugars, grab a H2coco instead, enjoy the amazing taste and reap the benefits this water will bring to your body. Remember it is FAT FREE, LOW CALORIE and NATURAL J

I now buy my H2coco online directly at

You can also follow them on twitter to see all the recent celebrities loving H2coco, and also find out new product info


H2coco recently sponsored Zimmerman at the RAWF 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What body type are you?

Recently one of my clients asked me why it was so hard for her to put on weight and muscle. She is a very slim model who pretty much can eat whatever she wants and will never put on weight. Why is it she can eat whatever she wants and stay the same, and then there are some of us who can put on weight just from the smell of a cookie! You may even be confused as to why your training buddy is getting better results than you, yet you’re doing the exact same workouts. Well the answer to this lies in what body type we are.
Learning what your body type is can seriously help you understand why certain aspects of diet and training are harder and slower (or easier and quicker) for you than they are for other people.
We are all different and therefore we need different and individualized training and nutrition plans in order for it to be effective! This is why I would high suggest seeing a personal trainer so you can guarantee the diet and exercise you are doing is what is most beneficial for your body type.
There are three main differences between the three difference body types.
The differences are metabolism, speed and bone structure.
There are 3 main body types:
Ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph

Ectomorph – The Skinny
The Ectomorphs are lean, thin and skinny with small bones, slender joints and muscles. They have a fragile and delicate physique. Ectomorphs are not naturally powerful and need to work really hard to build muscles and gain strength. They have a superfast metabolism of which they can eat all day yet never gain weight. Ectomorphs should concentrate on building lean muscle mass (this applies to women too) through weight training and cardio exercises.

Endomorph – Short & Curvy
Unlike the Ectomorphs, Endomorphs find it difficult to lose weight and are often overweight. Endomorphs find it difficult to burn calories because of slower metabolism and generally have a high degree of fat around their midsection.
If this describes you, don’t be disappointed since Endomorphic body types have their own advantages; Endomorphs are naturally muscular and gain maximum benefit out of muscle building programs.

Mesomorph – Athletic Body
These are the people who are truly blessed with the best body type – well defined muscles, large bones and a perfect physique. If you are a Mesomorph, you will have awell developed chest, broad shoulders, slimmer waistline, firm abdomen and toned thighs. Perfect right! On the downside mesomorphs have poor flexibility and need to indulge more in flexibility training.

Now you should know what type of body type you are, do some research and see what food and training methods are most beneficial to your body type. If you need help contact a personal trainer who will be able to outline what are the best training methods for your body type and also what foods are best for you and how often you should be eating them.
Goodluck guys :)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Training your booty!

To achieve a great 'booty' it is important to follow the combination of well-balanced nutrition, great training routines and the right mindset.
Remember consistency is key in seeing, and feeling results.

Glutes are one of the biggest muscles in our body, so training it hard benefits both the “booty” look and also helps with weight-loss. You burn more calories and speed up the metabolism by training large muscle groups.

I am currently training my lower body twice a week doing weight training and cardio. I mix up my routines regularly by changing the weight and intensity of the exercises I’m preforming.

Weight Training
Will not make you look too bulky and masculine. Weight lifting will shape up your body and put it into a calorie burning furnace placing curves in all the right places. See weight training options below.

Is a big part in a weight-loss process, especially, if you want to build lean and sexy muscle at the same time. One thing you have to stop doing is running your booty off with long and boring cardio sessions.
Intensity is key! If you can talk or read during your cardio session you are doing it wrong. Many of us run for miles in hopes for a tighter and sexier body and instead they are just getting skinnier and softer instead. Cut your cardio in half and double up the intensity.
For example: 10 minutes of skipping equals 30 minutes of jogging. High intensity is not only time efficient it’s much more beneficial for your glutes and overall body definition.

I have outlined for you some of the most affective proven butt building exercises. On the day that it’s time to train your lower body, incorporate these main exercises into your program. 
Squats are an excellent and proven way of training your gluteus maximus (butt). You can add resistance by performing them while holding dumbbells in your hands or with a bar across your shoulders. If you opt for the bar (advanced), make sure you have a spotter unless the resistance is very light. Varying the width of your feet will change the emphasis of the exercise. The closer together your feet are, the more your quads (front of the thighs) will work. As you move your feet further apart, you’ll feel the exercise more in your hips and butt. You should always have someone check your form to be sure you’re doing squats properly. If you go to a gym, the leg press machine may be easier to use than doing squats with a bar, and it attacks the same region.

Lunges are another exercise that works your glutes.
Different types of lunges
  • Stationary lunges
  • Walking lunges
  • Alternating lunges
  • Side lunges
Hold two dumbbells to the side of your body. Bring one leg forward and stand so that you have good balance. Bend both legs and allow the dumbbells to bring your body down towards the ground, making sure your front knee does not go past your toes. At this time the other knee will almost touch the floor; then come back up.

Deadlifts are excellent for your hamstrings, butt and lower back, but form is critical! Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart, and your weights in front of thighs (bar or dumbbells). Keeping back flat and abs in, bend forward from the hips and lower your torso until your weights reach your shins. This is where it’s time to SQUEEZE your butt to raise back up. Remember to keep your weights (bar) close to your legs throughout the entire range of motion, with just the slightest bend in the knees. Make sure that you don’t hyper extend your knees.

Keep it simple guys and don’t overdo sets and reps.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hyper Retouched Photoshoot

Recently I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with one of my amazing friends photographer Kane Vato.

This shoot was definitely very different to any shoot I've ever done, it was playful and resulted in me having very sore cheeks from pulling so many strange and funny faces. 
Kane has been putting together a book of all his friends hyper retouched and looking just a little crazy...

We did a 'FITNESS' inspired 'PLASTIC' shot.
 To check out more of his work go to

Check out the finished product below :)

Work in progress

Finished shot

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting motivated!

Staying motivated can be extremely hard, especially when the weather is so cold or you've just lost your drive!

I have a few ways that I stay motivated and I would love to share them with you to hopefully help you push past your fitness plateau and continue to push yourself to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself! Two of my fav ways to stay motivated is by setting goals and creating vision boards.

Goal Setting
I believe setting goals really is the best way to get to where you want to be. Setting goals keeps you on track, keeps you motivated and gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you have completed the goal.

Step 1 – Identify your goals, make sure the goal you are working for is something you really want, not just something that sounds good. Identifying your goals will help you get to where you want to be.
For example, what are your fitness goals?
- To lose a dress size and tone up
- To stay active
- To be happy with your body inside and out

Step 2 - Write down all the steps you will need to do to achieve this goal. Believe me seeing is believing and when you map your goal out it will become easier to achieve.
For example: I want to lose a dress size
Action Plan: I plan to exercise 4-5 days a week, I will eat healthy and drink plenty of water, I will do X amount of cardio sessions a week and X amount of weight sessions. It is important to list ALL steps you will need to do to achieve this goal. Take action and achieve your goals!

Reviewing your goals daily is a crucial part of your success and must become part of your routine. Each morning when you wake up read your list of goals and visualize the completed goal.

I have focused specifically on fitness goals in this post as this blog is aimed at helping you achieve your health and fitness goals but goal setting is very important for all aspects of your life. Go through the same process and map out your financial, education, family, career, social and spiritual goals. Setting goals in each area of life will ensure a more balanced life.

Vision Boards

A vision board (also known as a dream board) is a display of the things that motivate you, and should be placed where you will see it everyday. Your vision board should include things that you are motivated by and things you want to eventually have. Some great examples of what to include on your vision board are;  
  • Photos of people you look up to, this may be your favourite fitness model, your business inspiration (think Richard Branson or Donald Trump) or even a family member that inspires you.
  • Photos of the cars, houses, boats you would like to own
  • Photos of places you want to travel to and holidays you want to take
  • Your favorite inspirational quotes
A vision board can be motivation to get in the gym and achieve that body you desire or it can be that motivation you need to achieve other goals that mean something to you!

Now I believe there are different ways we can make vision boards.
Option 1 - One way of making a vision board is to get a piece of cardboard, get all your pictures and simply paste them onto the board and then display the board in a place you will see it on a daily basis. Suggestions: Bathroom, bedroom, back of a door, above your make up mirror etc
This is NOT my vision board - This is an example for you to understand what a vision board looks like

Option 2 - Another way of displaying your vision board is in your phone – this is what I do.
Although I have had vision boards in the past, I tend to stick to creating vision ‘folders’ for myself in my phone so I have easy access to it everyday and whenever I need it, it is just a click away.
Within my phone, I have separate folders dedicated to what motivates me. One of the folders is a fitness inspiration folder with pictures of all the people that inspire me to achieve my goals. I will flick through these folders regularly and in particular just before I am off to the gym I will look at one of the amazing bodies in my folder to give me a huge boost of motivation for me to get in there and achieve my own goals! I also have folders for other inspirations such as houses/cars etc
I have this picture of Jenifer Nicole Lee  in my phone under fitness inspiration - She is one of my BEST fitness inspirations! Have a look at her website and read about her story. She is a GREAT inspiration!  
 "The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word -Gene Donohue"