Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Post natal body training

How quickly can you start training after baby? As a first time mother, you can be shocked at how that taut belly now resembles a deflated balloon. And how much weight you may have gained. But this is completely normal. After all, you just made a baby. Firstly, don’t expect to look like Heidi Klum just after having a baby. That’s just not realistic.

Enjoy and bond with baby – there is going to be time to work on your post-baby body down the track when both your body and your mind are better able to cope. The first 6 weeks is a great opportunity to fully recover and get to know your bundle of joy. Take the time now because it’s over really quickly and it’s such a precious time.

A lot of mums haven’t trained or exercised consistently throughout pregnancy – feeling tired, sick and lacking energy makes it tough. So untrained muscles need to be fired up again. You need to re-introduce a structured routine to get muscles back to their previous strength and functional capability – it’s even an opportunity to improve on your previous fitness. After all, you are a mum and a role model now!

It took 9 months for your body to go through the many changes necessary in order to make a baby. This includes physical, mental and emotional changes.
Mostly, the body will recover naturally – your uterus will contract in about 6 weeks and your ligaments can return to their former size and elasticity in around 3-6 months.

My post natal training program is designed to strengthen lower backs, reduce tiredness and help you to enjoy your new role as mum.
As a trainer I can help you to improve your posture and body alignment with a series of progressive workouts that incorporate core strength and stability, functional training, flexibility and cardio fitness.

Usually, most women start an exercise program around 6 weeks but this depends on your recovery from the birth – a c-section or even a difficult birth can take longer for your body to recover. Also, if your baby isn’t sleeping properly it is unrealistic to expect your body to perform anything more than light exercise. Get some support and advice and just work to your current capability.

Post-natal Training Tips

Breastfeed for weight-loss – This is more fiction than fact. Although it is true for some women, it is only a small portion of women. The hormones that spark breast feeding actually encourage women to store fat for feeding baby. Makes sense if you aren’t sure where you next meal is coming from which was certainly a way of life a few generations ago. So be aware of what you eat and portion sizes.Eat for nutrition and for recovery.
Speaking of breast feeding – don’t ignore any lumps – a specialized Women’s Physiotherapist can assist breaking up any blockages with ultrasound.

Exercise your pelvic floor from the day after baby is born! And if you aren’t sure you are doing it right, speak to a physiotherapist about this as soon as possible.

Wear two sports bras for support when exercising and breastfeeding. And it’s wise to invest in cross over straps on your bras instead of over the shoulder. It’s much more comfortable and better for your posture.

Listen to your body and if you are tired, have a sleep. Give yourself a break!! The housework WILL be there when you wake up .

Remember to eat well. You are needed by the whole family so you need to replace nutrients lost during pregnancy and to eat well to stay healthy and happy. Healthy food, healthy body = a healthy mind too.

Take it easy on yourself! If you put on a lot of weight during your pregnancy or even just a little bit, you can still only take one day at a time to get back on track. I'll work with you slowly to increase your exercise, tweak your diet and get your pre-baby body back!

It’s really important for mums to look after themselves too. You need a release, social contact and time to do something lastingly positive for yourself.

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