Monday, August 22, 2011

The healthy way to detox

When we change our diet, eating behaviors and patterns, often our body and mind have something to say about it.
I am extremely passionate about educating people on healthy clean eating. I’ve been on a mission to find a detox that allowed me to consume food whilst naturally detoxing my body. I am not a huge fan of juice detoxes, it’s not that I don’t think they work (I think one juice detox a year can be beneficial) but personally I just love my food way too much and cannot imagine cutting it out even for one day.
After a lot of research, I came across a detox that suited me perfectly. One where amazing fresh food was allowed to be consumed five times a day. Eating five times a day is critical to avoiding energy slumps, tiredness, food cravings and eating ‘unhealthy’ food.
The company that is behind this amazing detox is Eatfitfood.
Being on their detox’s is more like having a personalized chef deliver healthy, delicious, organic meals and snacks for you every day.
My food was delivered to my doorstep early in the morning on my first day of the program. Every second day I receive two eski bags full with my three meals for the day and two snacks.
My welcome pack informs me that I have a week of amazing food coming my way with a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, locally-sourced fish and organic chicken. Red meat, dairy, wheat, gluten and preservatives are not included in the menu.
Here is a sample menu of one of my days
Pre Breakfast – REJUVENATE with apple, carrot, celery, beetroot and ginger juice and/or a warm water with a squeeze of lemon.
Note: A pre-breakfast cup of warm WATER with a dash of apple-cider vinegar or lemon juice helps to hydrate after an overnight drought. It also helps to ignite the digestive system & aid the fiber in our breakfast to works its digestive magic.
Breakfast – Detox muesli with rice milk and poached berries.

Note: There is enough evidence out there now to prove that WITHOUT breakfast, our BRAIN & ENERGY levels go to mush.
Breakfast assists in providing fuel for our day, it helps to set-up the energy balance sheet for the day & heavily influences our mood/ emotions.
Breakfast helps to optimise our metabolism, the speed at which we utilize the energy we consume.
A healthy metabolism = easy & healthy body weight maintenance.
Snack 1 – Eat fit food cleanse bar, which I eat before or shortly after breakfast and I ensure to drink 2 liters of water a day for proper absorption.
Note: Eating healthy mid-morning, mid-afternoon & perhaps even supper snacks help to maintain energy levels & prevent over eating.
Lunch Roast pumpkin and caramelized onion frittata with side salad
Note: A portion-perfect balanced LUNCH with adequate nutrition & calories nourishes productivity & effectiveness with little threat of failing energy levels or post-meal sluggishness.
Snack 2 – Fruit
Dinner – Chilli, ginger and lemongrass barramundi with broccoli, green beans, brown rice, squash and lemon
Note: EATFITFOOD dinners are filled with sufficient lower GI carbohydrate to ride the overnight fast, lean nutritious protein & plenty of nutrition-rich vegetables.

I was so happy and satisfied after my week detoxing with Eatfitfood, the meals were in generous portions and I didn’t feel deprived. I definitely would not call this a hard detox. It also felt quite indulgent to be eating organic, local produce every day.
I think starting an eat fit food program is a great way of teaching you how to eat healthy, helps you control your portion sizes and generally sets you up for healthy eating.
* Eat fit food caters to vegetarians. You can also request gluten free (although the program is mostly gluten-free). They also do other type of meal programs like healthy eating and weight loss to name some. Click on this link to find more info on those programs. Eatfitfood.

Below are some sample pictures of the meals provided by eatfitfood


LISTEN: and trust your body; if you only need ½ the meal portion to satisfy your appetite, then so be it.

EAT CONSCIOUSLY: take the time to sit, chew and enjoy every mouthful of your EFF meal. Conscious eating helps you to know when you are getting full.

HYDRATE: Stay hydrated, aim to drink 2L of water each day. Hydration is critical to elimination/ detoxification.
MOVE: Learn to enjoy some form of physical activity most days of the week e.g. jogging, yoga or walking etc. Exercise is important for eliminating wastes from the body and the mind.
SLEEP: Try to get a solid 6-8hours of sleep every night of the week.
AVOID: Caffeine containing drinks; coffee, soft drinks, cigarettes and alcohol.

Monday, August 1, 2011

How to be healthier without much effort

Sometimes it can be hard keeping up with all the ‘right’ things we're meant to be doing to stay fit and healthy. I’ve put together a list of some easy ways to be healthier without even trying.

Tip 1 # At the start of your day, drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon. Have this before you have your breakfast, it is an amazing way to kick start your metabolism. For the hard core healthy nuts out there try also adding apple cider vinegar with the lemon.

Tip 2 # Have a substantial breakfast. This really is the most important meal of the day. I usually have a big bowl of porridge to start me off which gives me heaps of energy, and also keeps me fuller for longer. If you don’t eat breakfast you're more likely to eat something unhealthy to for fill your hunger.

Tip 3 # Make sure you chew your food well and eat slowly. This is definitely my downfall, when I have a yummy plate of food in front of me, it is usually gone within minutes. My trick is to put my knife and fork down between mouthfuls.

Tip 4 # Control your portion sizes.

Tip 5 # Do not eat when you are not hungry. Most people will eat out of boredom and when they aren’t actually hungry. Try swapping the food for a glass of water or a herbal tea.

Tip 6 # Eat everything in moderation. I think this is extremely important. I do not, and will not ever diet. I believe in eating healthy food, but I do not deny myself completely if there is something I am craving. If you start denying yourself you are just setting yourself up for a binge fest.

Tip 7 # Stop drinking soft drinks. Try having a healthy juice everyday. This will help you consume your recommended daily intake of veggies and fruits. Other alternatives to soft drinks are herbal teas, coconut water, and of course water.

Spring is just around the corner so try and incorporate these simple little changes which will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.