Sunday, June 22, 2014

Online nutrition help for our followers

This blog post is specifically to answer all the emails we both get asking us what the best foods are to eat to loose weight and slim down the healthy way. 
We are both passionate about this subject and truly believe you are what you eat and what you are eating is ultimately going to affect the results you get from your training.

There is one rule in which I live by and it has served me so well and always will, Clean Eating!
When it comes to groceries shopping I walk into the super market and literally do a lap around the outside... WHY you may be asking?!?!
Thats where all the Veg, Fruit, Meat, Nut and Berries can be found. The GOOD stuff!
Down most of the isles is the processed products, the stuff that man has tampered with and therefore has a little things in them that contain the exact thing we don't want or need in our bodies. Its the stuff that can keep stubborn fat inside its cells, sugar levels high, insulin spikes in our blood and increase risk of diseases and sickness.
Even the "No Fat" "No Sugar" products even still find a way to chuck in things into there products and although it sounds like its amazing "low fat bars" - yeah no fat, but plenty of glucose, fructose and unnatural sweeteners that are even more detrimental to us all! 

That is why all our Nutrition within our programs is all based around food that is CLEAN! 
If we eat food thats fresh and clean it can stimulate the body to produce hormones which will tap into stubborn fat and   make us feel healthier within our bodies and that turns into Healthy with in our minds!

In our 6 week nutrition pack we have tips, tricks, recipe links and plenty of meal ideas
The meal plan is designed to match your fitness goals and is based on our knowledge on nutrition and what works best for certain body types. Depending on what your goals are, this plan will help you:
  • Lose weight
  • Tone muscle
  • Reduce body fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Feel more energetic
  • Be more organized and prepared
  • Save money
  • Achieve your goal body!
To get started on the RIGHT nutrition program head over to either of our websites (both nutrition programs are the same so either website link is cool to go to) simply click on either of these links, download and you can get started today :)

For more info on nutrition packs email

Friday, June 20, 2014

Quality supplements, what we recommend!

How many supplements have I tried during my professional Career?
I can safely say I've sampled nearly every brand and every type of new "amazing" "miracle" supplement brought out on the market. The reason I do this is because I want to be able to give my clients the right info.

I know that not every supplement works with every person the same, very similar to the fact not every food has the same effect on every person. Everyone is different! This includes how individual bodies react to supplements as well.

Recently my views on supplements has been changed for the better and I felt it was my duty to bring this company to everyone's attention. Not only has it helped me achieve the results I have been working hard for but it has helped my clients achieve their results faster than normal!

Punish Nutrition has a huge range of products, and what I personally love the most is that they stand by the fact that what is on their label is in their products. 
Punish nutrition specialise in high quality proteins and amino acids and quality proteins and amino acids and manufactures products using only pure and natural ingredients.
I finally feel confident in a product and have full trust in what they say is what they deliver.

Supplementation is basically a quick + fast alternative if you can't get all the goodness you'd usually get from optimal nutrition from clean health organic food.

Only thing is that we do not eat enough of the right foods and we don't eat them at the correct times due to busy lives, work, kids etc So that is why supplements are important for achieving your results.

So are supplements essential for peak performance in every day life? Yes, I Believe so!

How easy is it for the hard working Aussie mum to pre plan her meals and cook her own nutrition packed meals for the correct daily supply of protein, multi vitamins, correct carbohydrates?
Its pretty much impossible.
Same goes for the 7am - 5pm labourer, you think he has time to pre pack every meal and keep it on his job site? No way!

Ive recently been shipped a broad amount of products from 'Punish Nutrition' that covers all the bases i need as an active male and for every female out there that wants to keep away from the negative add ins, artificial and nasty unnatural crap but want to be active and healthy when they can't find the time for a nutrition filled meal!

Hope this blog post has helped you guys. Dom and I get a tone of emails on what supplements we use and recommend so we thought it only fitting for my first blog post to be on supplements :) 

Ok so now the great news!
I have organised big discounts for all my followers for these particular supplements. 
To receive a discount you'll have to get in contact with me directly via my website contact page - link here the reason I want you to contact me directly is so I can get to know you and give you my advice on what supplements will best suit YOU!
I will give you the correct guidelines so you're not buying the wrong product. 
Timing is everything when taking supplements so if you contact me through i'll also show you how to get the best effects and the fastest results!

Some of the packs I will discuss with you are below:

This has been most popular with my female clientele 
Ultimate fat loss 
Skinny Bitch Fat Burner
Skinny Bitch Body Shaping protein

And for the guys out there this is my winner
Dan's Bible Stack 
Punish Fat Burner
Whey Protein
Branch Chain Amino's
Punish Creatine!

Everyone is different though, so again, contact me directly and we will work out what is best for YOU!

Keep fuelling the body and the HAPPY MIND & HEALTHY BODY will follow!

Written by: Daniel Conn

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New exciting revamped blog! Introducing my partner and co writer Daniel Conn

New exciting revamped blog!
Introducing my partner and co writer Daniel Conn

I have taken some time off from my blog as I have had many commitments within the health and fitness industry! I've shot many fitness commercials rebel sport and Berlei sport bras to name a few within the fitness industry and have done multiple modelling and fitness campaigns. Being busy is always a great thing but I want to get back into my blog and reconnect with all my amazing followers and share many new exciting things that have come into play in my life!

I can't wait to share with you the new journey I'm on which includes everything to do with the style of training I am doing, the new nutritional programs I am on, the new health and beauty products I am using, relationship and motivational advice and much much more.


I now also have my amazing boyfriend (Daniel Conn) as a new addition to my blog :) 
We will be writing amazing pieces together to help educate and motivate you guys and on top of that he will be writing his own posts with his experienced background to help you guys take your health and fitness dreams to the next level. 
He will be writing about all things health and fitness from a man's point of view, and we will be taking you into our world of love, motivation, health and fitness.
We decided to team up together to bring you detailed information so you're learning as well as changing with us. We want to educate you on what's right and wrong out there, what we do together to keep fit and what exercises, food, products we live by. This is our platform to speak to all of our amazing followers, and really connect!

"Their amazing following and influential motivation all over the globe is contagious and Daniel and Dominique are well on their way to building an enterprise. They are starting to build a great range of products and media, branding themselves as the ‘fit-couple' of anything and everything"

A little bit about Daniel

I've been an elite athlete for 8 years having played within the NRL during this period of time I trained and played with and against some of the greatest players and athletes in the game from 2002-2012. Including Grand final (2010) and semi final football throughout.

I am qualified as a master trainer with certifications III and IV. I was forced into early retirement due to a sever neck injury, instead of being defeated by this set back I used this as an opportunity to better myself and excel in what I love to do, which is to be a leading force within the health and fitness industry.

Participation in as many types of physical fitness was a goal i set for myself to further my understanding of what works best within this industry. Crossfit courses, Power Lifting, Olympic lifting courses, Muai Thai Training, Gymnastic Strength Training to name a few.

Competing in the NRL, one of the most brutal sports, I learnt the importance of Injury prevention, injury rehab, time management and creating a effective routine for Training and Nutrition.

I pride myself on clean eating and have furthered my eduction on how important the correct foods are not just for Fitness and Health but for optimal performance in everyday life.

Studying and furthering my eduction is something I find crucial in a industry thats forever inventing "Fads" "5 minute Abs" and "Super fat loss in 60 seconds" type of theories. I pride myself on delivering and discovering proven factual evidnece for my amazing audience and can't wait to collaborated with Dom to bring everything I know to everyone through this amazing health and fitness blog.

I am now dedicated to helping clients reach there desired results while at the same time educating them on every aspect of Healthy Living. Ive now dedicated my journey to teaching and sharing my passion for educating everyone on Healthy Living and Fitness.

To find out more on Daniel you can head over to his website 

We are so happy to take everyone into our world and share all our passion and knowledge. We will be updating this blog regularly and will have many more exciting projects coming up soon that we can't wait to share with you all xx

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