Monday, May 16, 2011

My Thailand fitness experience!!

This year has been a very busy year for me. It started off with me going to Thailand for a modelling job which took me around Bangkok and Hui Hin. Although I do not consider modelling my primary job, I do love the opportunities it brings and when I am able to travel to a different country I always try to eat healthy. This can be very challenging because I am a major food lover and I always want to try all the different types of food. I know I need to keep a healthy balance, so being in Thailand, I thought how can I continue eating all this amazing food whilst staying fit and healthy!  Being a personal trainer I am always thinking of fun new ways to exercise so after much thought, I decided to travel to Phuket to train at one of the many training camps.

I’ve been to Thailand over 7 times and have always been fascinated with the fitness camps. In the past I have always travelled to Thailand to relax, but as I was already here for work and in that state of mind I wanted to experience a different style of training and learn more about the industry that I love 'health and fitness'. Many people go to these camps, people who just want to try it for fun, people wanting to loose weight, people training for an upcoming fight in Muay Thai/boxing/MMA

I chose to train at a camp called ‘Tiger Gym’. The reason I chose this camp is mainly because I wanted to focus on my weight training and tiger gym has one of the best gym out of all the camps I have seen. On top of that Tiger is home to Personal Trainer and body builder ‘the hulk’. I knew I would definitely learn a lot from him so I was eager to start training straight away.

I started training five to six days a week, sometimes twice a day (usually a cardio session and a weight session in one day) I solely wanted to focus on building my muscle so when I did do cardio exercise it was always for a max of 30mins, never over. Weight training already burns enough calories and is a huge cardio workout (which some people do not realise) you actually burn more calories from weight training because your not only burning calories whilst training, your burning calories for hours after you finish training. Where with cardio your only burning calories whilst actually doing the activity.

Through my experience I learnt so much more about weight training and found out how much more capable I was of pushing myself harder! I learnt more about nutrition and also learned a huge range of new exercise moves/and workouts which I have since used with my clients. Being the ‘client’ I can definitely say I believe it is so important to have your own personal trainer, it is amazing how hard we can push ourselves when we have someone helping and motivating us!

Now, I understand most people go to Thailand to relax and enjoy a holiday but why not try achieving both things on your next holiday to Thailand. Enjoy a week of relaxation, cocktails and amazing food and then spend the last week at one of these camps working on your body so you return looking and feeling AMAZING!
My results, check out my abs ;)


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