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My recent interview with Jamie from Jaymes Blog


After spending time travelling with beautiful Dominique in the USA, she is really dedicated to eating healthy and maintaining her amazing bikini body. It wouldn’t matter where we were or who we were with, there was always time to find a healthy meal without ever missing one. America being the place to party and with a lot of fatty processed food, it’s not always easy to stay motivated whilst travelling. We would be constantly shooting in bikini’s at beautiful locations through LA and Mexico.
She was always looking amazing, from her toned figure, glowing skin and beachy waves, how can she possibly stay bikini ready whilst travelling?  Dominique being a personal trainer, selling training and nutrition programs, was constantly motivating others on her social media as well as everyone around her; I’ve taken some great tips home with me from Dominique and wanted to share with you all her secrets!  So I’ve asked her a couple of questions to figure out how she does it.
How do you keep yourself always motivated to work out?
I love the feeling of being fit and healthy, that in itself motivates me. Results also keep me extremely motivated, I love keeping my body in shape and being lean and toned all year round. Watching other people achieve their goals and being able to help them achieve them is also one of the most rewarding feelings that is a constant motivation.
What does your regular everyday diet generally consist of whilst travelling?
I eat a lot of healthy, clean foods and believe everything is okay in moderation! I wouldn’t say I diet, I just stick to clean eating: I’ve put together a nutritional program on my website which outlines what I usually stick by and what I recommend for my clients. My motto is if you can’t catch it, kill it or grow it then don’t eat it! Simple really, read the ingredients also and if you can’t understand something then don’t it eat!
Sugar is also a huge factor in losing weight, lose the sugar and watch the weight drop. I can speak all day about my hate of sugar!
Do you have a set fitness routine when travelling?
I try and keep active wherever I go when travelling and explore wherever I am. Which means I am always walking, this is great cardio whilst you are away and such a better way to do cardio then on a treadmill. When I can find a gym within a hotel, I use my ultimate fat loss program which is perfect for travelling.
dominique le toullec

What healthy eating tips can you give girls for when they are travelling?
I would say enjoy your holiday because you’re on a holiday and the food you come across is amazing! However there are simple tips you can stick by that WILL make a difference.
When drinking, try and have low sugar drinks ( a lot of places will happily use no sugar with their cocktails, or use only a little bit ). Always have dressings on the side, many countries like to drown their food in sauces. Have it on the side so you can control how much you are putting on and try stay away from the creamy sauces.
What are your best kept beauty secrets?
Drinking Plenty of water and green juices, hydrate your body and fuel yourself with plenty of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Your skin, hair, nails and body will thank you.
dominique le toullec
How do you keep those abs of yours?
I have an amazing ab workout that I use on myself and my clients; which consists of strength, Pilates movements and core stabilization.
My best tip would be to always keep a tight core, be conscious of tensing your muscles in your core. Its a simple movement that will, in time lead to a tighter and toned tummy.
What’s your favourite meal and why?
My favourite meal is breakfast, it sets the standard for the day. If you start the day healthy and clean you will continue to follow that consistency throughout the day.
dominique le toullec
How often do you indulge? And If you find yourself wanting to indulge, do you have any tricks on how to stop yourself?
I love to indulge, I believe you have to eat everything in moderation. If you feel likes chocolate, then have it! We live one life, and restricting yourself for the rest of your life just doesn’t make sense, and lets be honest you will fail at that. If you allow yourself to indulge, be smart about it and it can work with the rest of your nutrition plan.
My tip is, when you indulge try and go for the cleaner/healthy option i.e. instead of milk chocolate have dark chocolate, make your own healthy pizza’s at home, there are so many ways of making your naughty foods healthy!
What’s your healthy alternative when drinking out with the girls?
I am not a big drinker myself but if I do drink its red wine. My trick with that is that you can’t have so much of it so your consuming less alcohol. When I go out I usually have a vodka soda fresh lime and drink plenty of water in between drinks. This keeps me hydrated and also helps with having a drink in your hand when everyone else is drinking :)
if you’re a cocktail girl, just ask for your cocktails with  no/little sugar and no sugar syrup. Cocktails can be made healthy.
dominique le toullec
What is your vision for the fitness industry and where do you see yourself in it?
The fitness industry is expanding at a rapid rate, I hope to be a lead influencer for living a happy and healthy life. I hope that people will accept one another and learn to help people instead of putting them down. The fitness industry is an industry to bring positivity and happiness to people, it is where people are changing their lives!
I love helping people on a daily basis, I get to do what I love everyday and call it my job. I am hoping to bring more updated international/ National programs to people by the end of 2015.
What is the difference between clients who get great results and the ones who don’t?
Dedication. You have to want it yourself to be able to achieve it. I try to encourage my client’s in every aspect of their training and nutrition so they are learning along the way. Once a client understands what things are working and not working for them, they start to see the positive changes and their dedication increases. You have to want to improve your lifestyle, not your parents or partner telling you to. It has to be YOU that wants it first, the rest will follow. Just give yourself time to get to a new process.
dominique le toullec
Full shoot of Dominique coming soon to our ” Girls in Jaymes”
To book a personal training session with Dominique:
Contact her directly on she works out of Icebergs, Bondi Beach in Sydney.
For information on all her online training and nutrition


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