Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Summer snack ideas

Summer food ideas

I love fresh easy to make snacks/meals that can be easily made at home and thought i'd share a couple of my favourites for your guys to try and enjoy.
Combined with a good work out program you'll see your body transform.

Lettuce wraps

What you'll need:
- 1 Iceberg lettuce
- 1/2 an avocado 
- Mixed veggies chopped up (options) cucumber, capsicum,
- Your favourite meat or tofu
I use chicken fillet, kangaroo filet or turkey fillet. I like to dice the meat and season with herbs, salt and pepper (chilli flakes is also a good addition for some extra flavour).
Another good meat option is minced meat at the highest quality. I use mince turkey (very low in fat), minced premium meat or minced  lean chicken.
For the vegetarians a good option in tofu, diced or scrambled

What to do:
- Separate the lettuce leaves
- Mash half the avocado up with a squeeze of lemon and add a dash of sweet chill sauce and a pince of salt
- Spread the avocado mixture on the bottom of the lettuce cup
- Add your favourite veggies
- Add the meat you've chosen
- Wrap up your lettuce cup and enjoy

Raw protein balls - Guilt free

My go to for anyone with a sweet tooth. I give this recipe to all my clients who get sugar cravings, they are easy to make, contain good fats and natural sugar, protein packed, antioxidant rich and vegan.
How could you say no right?

One batch can last up to a week and a half in the fridge, if you can't resist eating them all the first day you make them ;)

What you'll need:

- Medjool dates 12
- 4 scoops protein powder ** (I get all my protein powder from Mass Nutrition Bondi Junction)
- Almond meal 1/2 cup
- Goji berries small handful
- Almond butter Table soon
- Spiralina Table spoon
- Cinnamon Teaspoon
- Chia seeds Small handful
- Ground coconut flakes Handful
- LSA small handful
- 2 Tablespoons water

What to do:

- Add the following ingredients into blender or food processor
Protein powder
Almond meal
Goji berries

- Blend into all ingredients are in a crumble form
- Combine the following ingredients
almond butter

- Blend until mixture comes together
- Roll balls into bite size pieces
- Rolls balls in the coconut and chia seeds until full coated
- Place in fridge for 5-10mins

** I get all my protein powder from Mass Nutrition Bondi Junction (Spring street), mention my name to get special offers or to get my training stack that include protein, pre workout and BCAA's

These are all amazing healthy vitamin and mineral enriched foods. 

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