Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Summer snack ideas

Summer food ideas

I love fresh easy to make snacks/meals that can be easily made at home and thought i'd share a couple of my favourites for your guys to try and enjoy.
Combined with a good work out program you'll see your body transform.

Lettuce wraps

What you'll need:
- 1 Iceberg lettuce
- 1/2 an avocado 
- Mixed veggies chopped up (options) cucumber, capsicum,
- Your favourite meat or tofu
I use chicken fillet, kangaroo filet or turkey fillet. I like to dice the meat and season with herbs, salt and pepper (chilli flakes is also a good addition for some extra flavour).
Another good meat option is minced meat at the highest quality. I use mince turkey (very low in fat), minced premium meat or minced  lean chicken.
For the vegetarians a good option in tofu, diced or scrambled

What to do:
- Separate the lettuce leaves
- Mash half the avocado up with a squeeze of lemon and add a dash of sweet chill sauce and a pince of salt
- Spread the avocado mixture on the bottom of the lettuce cup
- Add your favourite veggies
- Add the meat you've chosen
- Wrap up your lettuce cup and enjoy

Raw protein balls - Guilt free

My go to for anyone with a sweet tooth. I give this recipe to all my clients who get sugar cravings, they are easy to make, contain good fats and natural sugar, protein packed, antioxidant rich and vegan.
How could you say no right?

One batch can last up to a week and a half in the fridge, if you can't resist eating them all the first day you make them ;)

What you'll need:

- Medjool dates 12
- 4 scoops protein powder ** (I get all my protein powder from Mass Nutrition Bondi Junction)
- Almond meal 1/2 cup
- Goji berries small handful
- Almond butter Table soon
- Spiralina Table spoon
- Cinnamon Teaspoon
- Chia seeds Small handful
- Ground coconut flakes Handful
- LSA small handful
- 2 Tablespoons water

What to do:

- Add the following ingredients into blender or food processor
Protein powder
Almond meal
Goji berries

- Blend into all ingredients are in a crumble form
- Combine the following ingredients
almond butter

- Blend until mixture comes together
- Roll balls into bite size pieces
- Rolls balls in the coconut and chia seeds until full coated
- Place in fridge for 5-10mins

** I get all my protein powder from Mass Nutrition Bondi Junction (Spring street), mention my name to get special offers or to get my training stack that include protein, pre workout and BCAA's

These are all amazing healthy vitamin and mineral enriched foods. 

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Thursday, August 1, 2013


I have found a new amazing product that I am absolutely addicted to and needed to share with you all. 

You all know I'm a huge lover of anything that is associated with coconuts so to find this amazing product that you can use on your entire body as well as your hair is a godsend.

COCOOIL is the best all natural daily moisturizer with Vitamin E essential for healthy skin growth and repair of skin damage and with powerful antioxidants essential for keeping your skin healthy and silky smooth. 

They are running a comp at the moment, repost the below image and follow and you could win a bottle of COCOOIL and a personalised training program from me.

Here is a little info on my new fav beauty product

Rub COCOOIL from head to toe and enjoy soft, supple skin. This is one moisturizer that won't clog your pores or introduce chemicals and preservatives into your body!
COCOOIL Has No Artificial Fragrance, No Coloring, No Silicone's, No Petrochemicals, No Parabens, No Mineral Oil & Not Tested on Animals
After Sun Treatment - COCOOIL helps you to protect your skin from the damaging effects caused by overexposure to the sun’ ultraviolet rays and can be used as an after-sun treatment. Massage oil into skin before during & after sun exposure. 
Hair Care Treatment - COCOOIL is an excellent beauty and hair care product that can be used to heal dry and damaged tresses. Keep your mane looking rich and lustrous. Apply COCOOIL to damp hair massaging from roots to ends, For best results, leave in for as long as you can and apply 2 times a week. 
Contains: organic coconut oil, prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel) oil, vitis vinifera seed oil, Helianthus Annuus seed oil, Powerful Antioxidants, Omega 6,9 Vitamins A,B,C,D,E

Purchase through Free worldwide delivery on all orders over $50

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Healthy snack, meal and drink ideas

Healthy snack, meal and drink ideas

You are what you eat!

As many of you already know I have a strong passion for health and fitness.
One of the most important things in life I believe is looking after and treasuring your body.

Food is magic, it helps us look after ourselves from the inside out.
I'm always creating new things in the kitchen and surprising my clients, friends and family with how AMAZING healthy food can taste. 

Eating healthy is not as hard as some may think.
Here are a few of my tips to get you started

  • Make sure you buy good produce (local markets are a great idea and will save you a lot of money) also buying in bulk at the start of the week is a good option.
  • Eating raw as often as possible reduces the loss of vitamins and minerals that occur when food has been heated or cooked. Nutrients that are the essential fuel for our bodies.
  • Look up healthy recipes to get inspiration. This can be done through google searches, recipie books, or even scrolling through others instagram pages and finding GREAT inspirational images that a lot of people will share their recipies. Another idea is to search hashtags #cleaneating #healthyeating and so on and hundreds of pictures will come up to inspire you Check out my insta for frequent healthy ideas username 'dominiqueletoullec'
  • Experiment with different recipes you'll find and create your own healthy twist on an existing recipe.

Here are a few of my recent creations I'd like to share with you. 
Live a healthy and happy life!

Amazing healthy sweet treat

1. Get all your blueberries and place them on your skewers
2. Roll your blueberry sticks in yogurt (make sure to get a good coating)
3. Coat each stick with sprinkling of cinnamon (and for those who want some extra sweetness) brown sugar
4. Place in the freezer

Fruit pops

GREAT treat for the kids, and a guilt free treat for dessert
1. Ingredients - With these ones I used mango, strawberries and coconut water 
(Explore and use as many different fruits as you can desire)
If its hard for you to find natural coconuts I recommend H2Coco (for more info on this coconut water check out my previous blog post and click on this link.
2. Sometimes I blend the fruit and then put it into the pop mould, othertimes I will chop up fruit and add to a cup of coconut water and then pour into the moulds
3. Freeze

Fridge creation!

I literally used what was left in the fridge and created this HEALTHY, SUPERFOOD treat
1. Cut up slices of cucumber, mix in a bowl avocado and cottage cheese, squeeze of lemon and a little salt and pepper, place drops onto of the cucumber with a small piece of sun dried tomato
2. Mix together lentils (make sure to make your own, very easy just boil them up on the stove), red cabbage, avocado, basil, tomatoes, baby spinach and chilli tuna
What superfood creation can you put together from the ingredients in your fridge?


1. Alkaline water
2. Chlorophyll (Tablespoon)
3. Fresh chopped up lemons (Squeeze them in first then leave in)
4. Fresh chopped up cucumber

Its important to drink at least 2 Litres of water a day, introducing green water is not only great for you but it's another way to up your water intake daily

These are just a few simple ideas to give you some inspiration. Dont be scared to try different things. 
Healthy food IS delicious, just be creative and you will create flavour. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bondi Babe

Are you a Bondi local? 
If you are you'll love this! 


Bondi Babe is a music video clip made by the community for the community. A portion of the funds raised will go towards surf rescue equipment for the Bondi Surf Bather's Life Saving Club, the oldest and most famous Surf Clubs in Australia and the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

360 Degrees of Beauty - Guest writer - Ella Baché magazine

Recently I was asked to be a guest writer in Ella Baché's quarterly mag quarterly magazine.
This edition was based on a "Beautiful' theme and the article I contributed to was about holistic beauty 
Fitness - Skincare - Diet - Spiritually - Wisdom

360 Degrees of Beauty
Written by Sarah Greenway, guest writer - Dominique Le Toullec (Personal Trainer)

Beauty products, skincare creams and lotions are important tools to aid in the fight against early aging and the impacts of stress, dehydration and the elements on the skin and body, but attaining true and lasting beauty can’t be bought.   
Real beauty, the kind that makes you irresistibly charming, infectiously funny, eye catching and confident, is achieved through holistic beauty. This 360-degree approach encompasses your fitness, nutrition and mindset, as well as a tailored skincare routine. 
In our quest to discover the key principles behind attaining holistic beauty, we spoke to a leading personal trainer, a naturopath who’s work has been published far and wide, a yoga instructor who walks the ‘zen’ talk, and one of Ella Baché’s leading beauty therapists.

The Personal Trainer
“Mix up your training.” says Dominique Le Toullec, “Cardio is important but it’s only half of the equation. For a beautifu lean physique, weights are essential. If you avoid weights because you’re afraid of getting bulky, then you’re missing out on one of the best fat-burning methods!” Le Toullec should know. Not only is she a sought-after personal trainer at Bondi Beach Fitness and Health in Sydney, she’s also the host of Foxtel’s adrenaline-charged Fuel TV and one of Australia’s top glamour models.
“Staying active is important, but I also encourage people to constantly educate themselves about ways to improve their health - to find out where their food comes from and to understand how their diet is benefitting their appearance and the way their bodies function. Food is a huge part of everyone’s life so it’s important to know how to use it to achieve the complexion, physique and energy levels you need to be truly beautiful.”
Dom’s Top Tips: 
LISTEN: Trust your body; if you only need half the meal portion to satisfy your appetite, then so be it.
EAT CONSCIOUSLY: Take the time to sit, chew and enjoy every mouthful of your meal. Conscious eating helps you to know when you are getting full.
HYDRATE: Stay hydrated. Aim to drink 2L of water each day. Hydration is critical to elimination and detoxification.
MOVE: Learn to enjoy some form of physical activity most days of the week e.g. jogging, yoga or walking, etc. Exercise is important for eliminating wastes from the body and the mind.
SLEEP: Try to get a solid eight hours of sleep every night of the week.
AVOID: Steer clear of caffeinated, dehydrating drinks like coffee, as well as soft drinks, cigarettes and alcohol.

The Naturopath
“It’s often the basic things that are overlooked”, says Deborah Cooper, a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist with nearly 30 years’ experience in natural therapies. “The benefits of exercise, fresh air, hydration and a good diet can’t be beaten. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work and other pressures but it’s really important to make sure you nurture yourself – you’ll improve our circulation, mood, fertility and overall healing power. You’ll feel more beautiful, confident and you’ll have more motivation to take on the challenges of each day.” 
Cooper also stresses the importance of varying the diet to incorporate lots of different foods to make sure you’re getting a diverse range of the nutrients that support good health and wellbeing.
“Eating from a broad base ensures that we’re supporting our ongoing health and wellbeing. Choosing foods from the same sources can create food sensitivities and lead to the presence of excessive quantities of some nutrients to the exclusion of others”.

The Yogi
“We've all had those days where we can fling anything on, waltz out and door and feel like we can take on the world”, says Emma Lascelles from Power Living in Bondi Junction. “Then, in contrast, some days we can look at ourselves reflected in mirror and slump in defeat. If you asked anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two central characters from appearance alone, but inside we feel the difference. We’re all unique and we all have challenges to face. The most important thing is that we nurture ourselves because what we feel on the inside naturally radiates outwardly”.
After a successful career as a project manager in large multinationals, Emma jumped ship to live the life she loves as a full-time yoga teacher and devotee of Vinyasa Yoga, a discipline that utilises postures and breathing techniques. This form of yoga offers a range of health benefits to those who practice it, as it encompasses all areas of mind, body and spirit. 
“What we feel has the power to dictate so much of our lives. With a consistent yoga and mindfulness practice we can start to become aware of the little voice in our head that feeds our insecurities and they can easily take over if not kept in check. Instead of feeding the insecurities, with practice, we can start instead to feed the positive feeling within us. In order to look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful. Start by use mindfulness practices to appreciate the beauty in everyone and everything around you and work on finding balance in your life. When balance and harmony is reached, the physical signs follow like glowing skin and sparkling eyes”. 

The Beauty Therapist
Samantha Doolan from Ella Baché in Mordialloc is not only a celebrated beauty therapist but also a successful business owner. While other salons were struggling during global financial crisis, Doolan’s salon achieved unprecedented growth. “I took a step back when times got tough and assessed the situation. I knew I had to act so I set some clear goals, developed new systems and tried new things. I also surrounded myself with people who believed in my businesses and wanted to help me make it grow”. 
Doolan is a firm believer in the importance of maintaining a strong and positive mental attitude, eating a nutritious diet and avoiding stress. She also prescribes plenty of sleep and water with her clients’ skincare routines as she has seen the transformative benefits of combining great skincare products and techniques with looking after yourself. 
“It’s not just about putting good things in your body though”, says Doolan. “People are more focused on overall wellbeing these days and they’re also more aware of the ingredients in their products. Natural ingredients are simply more effective in improving the condition and health of the skin than the invasive ones. Peptides, fruits and botanical extracts are wonderful foods for the skin. I’m also excited about our new SpiruLines range. Its active ingredient is Spirulina, one of nature’s superfoods, and it is a nourishing for the skin as it is for the body”.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting ready for summer the healthy way with EAT FIT FOOD

Are you ready for summer?

It's swimsuit time! Before you panic and attempt dangerous quick fix solutions, let me tell you about a healthy and fast way to get yourself swimsuit ready.

During winter we tend to let ourselves go a bit and start eating those foods that make us feel more comforable and warm. We tend to drink more and exercise less.... So getting ready for summer can be difficult for some. With the help of getting ready for summer is a lot easier.

I get ready for summer with a kickstart, a more flexiable and subtle detox that supports the body to cleanse, rejuvenate and enable weight loss as well as improve digestive health.
A 5 day on and 2 day off plan that is free of dairy, wheat gluten, red meat, unhealthy fats, refined sugars and low-zero food chemicals and preservatives. 

With this plan you can still have your morning coffee and have a break on the weekend which make it easy to stick to.

How it works

I was delivered a cooler bag with an ice pack prior to 7am at my home.  If you’re doing this cleanse and want your bag delivered at work  – this can also be arranged
The menu is altered each day, keeping it interesting while satisfying your tastebuds and stomach.

What do you have to do?

Each meal was neatly packaged within the cooler bag and was a matter of just serving it up.  In some instances, the meals had the option of being heated in either the microwave or stove.

Why you should do this cleanse?

Do you want more energy for your busy and demanding life
Do you find yourself dragging at 3:00 PM & use sugar and caffeine to make it through the day
Do you experience bloat after eating
Do you feel tired all the time even though you’re working out and eating right
Do you work out a ton and still don’t get the results you expect
Do you want to hit the reset button on your metabolism so your body becomes a fat burning machine

The 5 day detox works out to $64 / day, and you get to keep the cooler bag & ice brick at the end of your cleanse.  If your detox is longer, the price is cheaper. 
Considering the money most people spend on food each day, this detox is a very affordable & an attainable way of getting your health back in check, guiding you back to sensible eating.
Types of cleanses that are available are:
  • 20 day overhaul
  • 20 day men’s x-celerator
  • 10 day detox
  • 5 day cleanse (this is what I did)
  • Healthy eating
  • Weight loss

Here are some addition detox tips I do on a daily basis, on or off a detox

  • Start the day with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice in water. This enhances digestion and liver detoxification. Don’t throw out the peel; the nutrients in lemon zest further promote liver detoxification. Add the zest to salads, cooked quinoa or fish.
  • Sip on green tea throughout the day. It will help manage coffee withdrawal plus provide the body with antioxidants to help neutralise toxins. Green tea does contain caffeine, but it’s only a small amount and the benefits outweigh the minimal caffeine levels.
  • Add fresh herbs to meals, especially coriander. This delicious herb has a unique detoxifying action and goes particularly well with stir-fries, fish and salads.
  • Exercise daily
  • Eliminate alcohol
  • Drink at least two litres of water a day

Did you know? Chewing each mouthful of food 10 to 12 times improves digestion and allows you to feel a sense of fullness without overeating.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


So... I've been hiding from this blog for some time but lots of interesting things have been happening that I would love to educate you all on and hopefully inspire you to get out there and try something new within the health and fitness industry. 

Fitness shouldn't be a chore, everyone is different and it's important to try a range of things to see what style of fitness you love. Once you find that true passion in something you love to do, you wont want to stop! Exercising will become fun and a lot easier. Change it up, try something new, and don't give up!

This year I became a certified level 1 MMAXFit instructor. 
I've been a certified boxing instructor for some time but I wanted to change it up and try something different. 
I admit I'm not a huge fan of cardio, so when I got asked to do the promotional video for a fitness company based on a cardio routine I was a little hesitant. This is when I was first introduced to MMAXFit and ever since then I have been wanting to train more and more. 
For me, this isn't just training, it's fun, extremely challenging and something I look forward to doing. Not to mention you can burn up to 1100 calories in one 45min class.
(I'll post that promo video as soon as it has been released)

I now do weekly training with professional fighter Ian schaffa in preparation to start training my own clients and run my own classes at Bondi Beach.

MMAXFIT has been developed in reference to the 12 years that Ian has fought and trained as a professional fighter, he wishes to pass on the training, experience and values that mixed martial arts has taught him.

I will be teaching a class Ian Schaffa at Bondi Beach on the 24th of November. If you'd like to see what it's all about come down and try the class for free. Make sure you email to reserve your place.

I'll also be doing MMAXFit 1on-1 so if you'd like to book in a personal session email me at
If you would like to sign up for a one month Mmaxfit 'OUTDOOR' challenge that will get you the results you want in time for Christmas and New year.

Remember try something new, don't be scared to try different things!

Here is a little more info on MMAXFit....


MMAXFIT Outdoor is a high intensity non contact MMA based circuit program in a team training       format. Experience real MMA strength and conditioning drills along with MMA based exercises and techniques following a mixed martial arts fight time slot of 3, five minute rounds all whilst enjoying the fresh air of your local park.
MMAXFIT Outdoor trains everyday people like an MMA fighter without the contact.
What to expect:
Round 1 (5 minutes): Sprawl and Brawl, Strength and Conditioning
Round 2 (5 minutes): Ground and Pound, Strength and Conditioning
Round 3 (5 minutes): Side Control, Strength and Conditioning
Total Time: 45 minutes
Fat Loss, Increase Metabolic Rate, Decrease Body Fat %, Tone and Reshape, Increase Anaerobic and Aerobic Fitness, Mental Fitness

   What is MMA?

    MMA has been accused of being barbaric however If you look at all the combat sports in the Olympics - wrestling, judo, tae kwon do and boxing and blend them together you have Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport. MMA rules allow the use of both striking and grappling techniques whilst standing and on the ground.

    What are the benefits of MMAXFIT?
    As MMAXFIT is an infusion of different combat style exercises it could be considered as one of the most demanding yet rewarding forms of exercise. MMAXFIT will improve your current level of fitness. MMAXFIT can be modified for beginner or advanced level participants and even those with injury or disability. A MMAXFIT workout incorporates upper body, lower body and core strength in a high-intensity fashion. MMAXFIT results in fat burning, increased endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, agility and hand/eye/feet coordination just to name a few

    What is the UFC?
    The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the fastest growing sports organization in the world. UFC started in 1993, is in its 18th year of operation as a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) organization. UFC has revolutionized the fight business, and today stands as the world's leading MMA promoter, offering the premier series of MMA sports events.
    The UFC has seven weight-divisions and showcases fighters of different disciplines including Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, Karate and other styles, - the UFC sought to identify the most effective martial art in a real fight. After a period of political backlash, the UFC gradually underwent reform by embracing strict rules and achieving sanctioning with State Athletic Commissions.
    UFC is in 354 million homes worldwide, and can be seen on some form of television in over 145 countries and territories, in 19 different languages.
    Producing over 30 live events worldwide each year, the UFC also boasts the most successful and longest-running sports reality show in history, The Ultimate Fighter®. What’s more the UFC’s has packed out arenas across the world, from Los Angeles to London to Toronto to Abu Dhabi to here in Australia.